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Midsummer/Litha 2013

On that special day, the day of celebration, I always get cool ideas for things. Before the special day, nada. Unfortunately, that leaves a prep time of zero. I came … Continue reading

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Woven Texture Bat

Texture bats can be repeatedly used to make consistent textures in clay. You make the texture, pour plaster on it and then when it hardens, you can press clay into … Continue reading

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Shishigatani Squash Challenge IV

I’ve been working on changing the press-formed squash into a teapot. Seems to be coming along nicely. I reinforced the bottom. Sitting there in leather hard state caused it to … Continue reading

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Kitazawa Seed Company: Happiness

I just wanted to put up a quick note about Kitazawa Seed Company. I like to cook Japanese food. The thing I find most difficult is obtaining the ingredients listed … Continue reading

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Shishigatani Squash Challenge part III

The primary mold has been completed, and an initial pressing has been done. I now need to clean it up- I pressed the clay into the mold so I could … Continue reading

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Small Cat Button Bag

A knit woolen scarf was accidentally washed.  Oops. It turned into a piece of felt with some holes in it. I recycled it into a bag. I didn’t use all … Continue reading

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Shishigatani Squash Challenge: Part II

I’ve read a lot about mold making, because I’ve never done it before or seen it done. YouTube is woefully bereft of detailed plaster mold making videos. There’s a couple … Continue reading

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Squash Challenge

Doing plaster work right now, making molds so I can do slip casting. There’s a teapot in the works, made several hump molds, and then my husband hit me with … Continue reading

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Multicolored Felted Coinpurse Part III: The End

Sorry this took so long to get out, my crafting area revision challenged me more than I thought it would. Finishing off your coin purse- From this point, you’re just … Continue reading

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Quick, Cheap and Clever: Ornament Earrings

Quick, Cheap and Clever: Ornament Earrings These earrings are some of the easiest things you can make to brighten up your holiday wardrobe. December 24th I wandered through KMart in … Continue reading

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